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Rear Sensor System with adjustable sensitivity, buzzer alert with adjustable volume & frequency, Intelligent moving object detection & anti-false alert technology, programmable for tow-bar or spare wheel recognition, Installs directly onto metal bumper without rubber rings, range detection 1.5 – 0.3m, accurate to 0.01m & includes new style digital sensors x 4

Parkmate’s PTS410 Digital 4 Sensor Rear Parking Assist System with Audible Alerts employs the latest in object sensing technology, helping you to park your vehicle, prevent accidents and potentially disastrous incidents with other objects. 

The PTS410 features:
  • Audible only reverse parking warning system
  • Four reverse sensors and a buzzer
  • Audible buzzer alerts with adjustable volume & frequency for alerts when an obstacle is detected
  • Alarm sounds increase in intensity in proportion to your distance from the object
  • Installs directly onto metal or plastic bumpers

Technical Specifications:

  • Buzzer alert with adjustable volume & frequency
  • Intelligent moving object detection & anti false alert technology
  • Programmable for tow bar or spare wheel recognition
  • Range detection 1.5-0.3M, accurate to 0.01M
  • Installs directly onto metal or plastic bumpers, without rubber rings
  • Adjustable sensor sensitivity – can be installed at 45cm height